Frequently Asked Questions.

Otherwise referred to as FAQ.

Q: Where did the picture come from/Where was it taken?
A: The original picture was taken by Edgar Wright, the director of Scott Pilgram and was taken in Norway while promoting the film.

Q: Why is he prancing?
A: Honestly, I have no idea. Because prancing is badass?

Q: When was this blog created?
A: It was made in the late hours of August 23rd, 2010.

Q: Where did the meme come from?
A: I saw the photo floating around tumblr, so I started messing with it out of boredom and decided to make a blog. I’m not sure if I was the first to make it a “meme” but I did come up with the name “Prancing Cera”.

Q: Would you like someone to help you run the blog?
A: Thanks, but I’m really not looking for anyone to help with this blog at the moment. I’ve ran somewhat successful blogs before and realized I work better as a one man wolf pack.

Q: Can you make one that says……?
A: I usually don’t make them anymore. There are just too many submissions that keep me busy. If you like, you can make it and submit yourself.

Q: Can you post one that says “Are we human or are we prancer”, etc?
A: That has already been posted, along with a few others that I will not be posting again. Such as:
          - “Prance Prace, we’re falling apart to half time”.
          - “Just Prance”.
          - “Just gonna stand there and watch me prance”.
          - “Prance Magic Prance”.
          - “Hold me closer tiny prancer”.
          - “Prancers gonna prance”.
          - Any “Safety Dance” references.
          - and a few more I can’t remember right now.

Q: Why is Prancing Cera so popular?
A: In all honesty, I have no idea. It was originally made for my own entertainment. Sort of like fuckyeahsanjaya I made for that Sanjaya dude from American Idol as a joke. It wasn’t serious until I started getting thousands of followers. People just find it entertaining, that’s all there is to it.

Q: Do Michael Cera/Edgar Wright know about this blog?
A: Probably not. Someone posted the link on the original photo’s flickr page, which is Edgar’s. But as far as I know, no.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am currently 17, but my birthday is on September 23rd, so I will be turning 18 very soon! :)

More questions will be added as they come.

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