An official update:

Yes, the blog is dead. Why, you may ask? 

  • I’m busy being a freshman and trying not to flunk out.
  • No one is submitting because the meme died a terribly abrupt death.

So, yeah. I don’t really have much to say. I’ll try to update more often. Maybe a few times a week? It’s cool so many of you are still sticking with the blog. I appreciate it! 

October 17th 2011 · 15 notes
  1. thatsjustemily said: I actually like that it’s died down a little. :) It doesn’t have to be updated incredibly often to entertain me. When one does pop up on my dash, it’s like Christmas! :D Hope you are having a good day. Prance on!
  2. thislionheart said: I love this blog.
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